Why you should invest in the quality of your video!

Video streaming today is in a very advanced stage. There were times when the term “quality” did not stand for what we know of it today. With the advancement in technology and increasing reach of the internet, a viewer can experience HD quality video on their mobile phones. Today with a humongous amount of content poured every day, the competition for grabbing eyeballs is fierce and thus factors like “quality” become extremely essential.   

Initially, players around the world were slow in realizing the importance of video content but today every company in the digital space knows how important video content is. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. With year-over-year growth in online video traffic, consumer research has revealed one fact: people want video, and they will continue to consume it at an astounding rate and if you want it to be your content, you need to provide them good quality.

There are multiple benefits why one should make efforts to go for best video quality, highlighting a few of them here- 


  • Poor quality directly affects your credibility

Everyone has to witness poor quality videos, whether it’s commercials, youtube videos, or just general content and thus everyone is well aware of what poor quality is like. If the creator is not willing to invest in his product, it becomes really difficult for the audience to trust the product itself. It makes the creator look less professional and unconcerned with their audience’s needs. As per Brightcove, 62% of consumers are more likely to have a poor perception of a brand that published a low-quality video and 23% would be unwilling to purchase from such brands. 


  • High-quality video attract social media attention

It is very difficult for poor-quality videos to get viral or even have a massive reach on social media. All prime social media platforms have their algorithm set in a way where they push high-quality videos. One of the most significant advantages of video marketing on social media is its low cost per click and highly targeted approach to directing your ads to the right consumer. Social media also provides a forum for you and your audience to interact, allowing subscribers to become more intimately involved with your brand and services. By cultivating an ongoing community among your followers, you are utilizing yet another effective technique for generating ongoing conversation and additional sales opportunities. 


  • Poor Quality means poor watch time

The audience love to watch good quality videos and with such good quality video content out there, it is annoying for them to watch poor quality. People become irritated and quickly click away from the poor-quality video content, and standard definition won’t even keep them for 10 seconds. Of course, video quality is more important for long-form content than for shorter ads, but even a 1-2 minute piece of low-quality footage can be painful to watch. There’s also the issue of loading time and buffering, both of which become more resource-intensive when you release your video in HD without using appropriate compression software.  We provide Cheap video streaming Platform

These are few benefits just from the perspective of brand and brand image. How your audience will view you is directly impacted by the video quality you present. It’s not just brand image but also from the business point of view. Engagements are directly affected by the quality of content you serve your audience. 

Videos can organically rank multiple times on Google, increasing your ability to attract new leads and, as a result, close more sales. You can repurpose content and share videos across multiple channels to increase the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign because online videos aren’t tied to a single source. Videos have 53% more chances to appear on Google’s first page of results and generate 41% more clicks than text-only pages. 

Video content is very useful in engaging users in the initial stage and helps you increase traffic on your websites. You can also use video content to push your brand image if you are not directly in show business. Adding a high-quality video to your homepage has been shown to increase conversion rates by nearly 300 percent and increase visitor time on site by an average of 2 minutes. Quality content not only encourages continued contact with your content, but it also encourages higher engagement rates, increased client confidence, and increases the likelihood of actual transactions occurring. 

People seek out content that resonates personally or meets their immediate needs, as we’ve seen time and again. And, with so much content available to them, they are making choices about their time and interests. Three out of every five Gen Z and millennial viewers want to find meaning and purpose in what they watch. Furthermore, half of Gen Z and millennial consumers say they frequently watch things just to be able to discuss them.

Moving forward, technology will only make large-scale personalization more feasible, allowing people to feel more connected — even during advertisements. “Digital video enables us to tailor content,” Rix explained. “In the past, we would interrupt our audiences and tell them what we wanted them to know. We now have a better understanding of them, and we can make all of the content more contextually relevant and, ultimately, more meaningful to them.”

Quality video marketing, when done correctly, can have a direct and long-term impact on your company’s bottom line. By employing these techniques effectively, you can use video marketing as a powerful tool to not only direct more visitors to your website but also convert more visitors into clients.

So investing in good quality video content would surely pay back to business. In this world where the amount of content is humongous need to focus on the quality and make efforts to make your audience feel valued. We are Video Streaming Platforms providers in india

Mogi’s Proprietary Video Tech

Mogi’s Video Tech solutions are available end-to-end (Video Transcoding + Video Player + Mogi Streaming Engine (Multi-CDN delivery) + DRM + Video Analytics) or you can use individual products from the entire suite like just the Video Transcoding. Mogi also provides white-label end-to-end plug n play solutions for OTT and Edtech Platforms, with Web, Android and iOS apps as well as a dedicated CMS for OTT and LMS for EdTech.

One of the best individual products we have is our Transcoding Architecture, which is a unique cluster-based process, does the transcoding within 30% of the content length. The transcoding architecture’s result includes a highly compressed video of up to 50% with no loss in quality, and if you choose quality enhancement, a 40% compression with the enhanced video quality.

The pricing for Transcoding is very competitive as well, and along with it you get a highly compressed output with the same or higher quality. This means not only is your contractual pricing is low due to competitive pricing, but your bandwidth consumption also reduces, and user experiences increase multifold. It’s a win-win for all of us (Users, Clients, Mogi).

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