Stream buffer free videos of high quality, with 50% compression.

Implement end-to-end or choose individual modules!

Why Videu?

  • Buffer free delivery
  • AI Based quality enhancement 
  • Flexible & highly scalable architecture
  • DRM Module – AES 128 encryption, dynamic watermarking
  • High Speed, content aware transcoding with 50% compression

What You Get?

  • Superfast video delivery, zero buffering
  • High quality videos
  • Adaptive bit rate based streaming
  • 50% Lower bandwidth consumption & storage
  • Digital rights management. Piracy protection customer support with best SLA’s



Best in class transcoding, with up to 4k format output, giving highly compressed, quality enhanced and encrypted files. 

Transcoding can be used in a modular way as well (Input from your s3/our s3 + transcode using Videu + Store transcoded file in your s3/our s3)

Hybrid/Multi Cloud

Highly reliable and scalable cloud based infrastructure for 99.99% SLA’s

Video Player

Lightweight Video player, benchmarked to all the open source and top private players in the space


Ability to integrate Ad exchanges and monetize your content through pre-roll, mid-role and end roll ads. 


Relying on Google Analytics and Firebase?

Mogi’s advanced video analytics provides deep content & user level insights

Multi-CDN Streaming

Patented Multi-CDN technology to deliver buffer free, optimized video delivery for every user. The Multi-CDN tech uses information on user latency, geolocation, CDN performance and cost to intelligently make decision to stream every chunk of the video file

DRM & Encryption

DRM Technology with HLS encryption, disable mobile screen recording, dynamic watermarking and geo restricting access. High quality rights management for access to only authorised users. Encrypted transcoding output ensuring no duplication and no shareability. 

Quick Integration

Rest API’s based integration with detailed documentation regarding query and results

Modular integration with pick and choose modules or end-to-end integration

End-To-End Integration hosted on cloud based infrastructure. Highly scalable & reliable

  • Transcoding
  • Multi-CDN
  • Video Player
  • Video Analytics
  • DRM
  • Monetization

Individual plugins & SDK's as per your use case

Schedule a demo with us for specialised integration needs, and we will be happy to help!


We provide very flexible and affordable pricing plans, with free plans, to plans costing less than a Pizza! 

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