Reach millions of users, with effortless and lightweight streams accessible anywhere!

Why Liveu?

  • RTMP Support
  • Multi-Bit Stream
  • Rest APIs based
  • Auto Recording Of Live Stream
  • Integration With OBS, ZOOM, Android, iOS

What You Get?

  • Superfast stream delivery
  • Pixel perfect quality
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption For User 
  • Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming
  • Access Control Text & Logo Overlay 


AI Based Quality Enhancement

Deliver enhanced quality lightweight live streams for a higher customer experience.

RTMP Protocol

Highly scalable RTMP protocol to deliver your live streams.


Enabling Multi-Bit to ensure that the streams are compatible with varying network latency with lossless compression

Video Player

Mogi’s own video player to play the live stream, so you don’t need to worry about the access.

Auto Recording For Later Access

Receive a transcoded, recorded file of the live stream, which you can use as VoD content!

Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming

Empowering users in remote corners of the world to view the stream based on their network latency.

Access Control Text & Logo Overlay

Create Branded Streams and Control & Customise text to be displayed along with the Live Streams.

Quick Integration

Rest API’s Integration through many ways, choose what suits you the best

Create instant shareable & publicly accessible URL's through Liveu which can be embedded anywhere

  • OBS
  • ZOOM
  • IOS

Schedule a demo with us for specialised integration needs, and we will be happy to help!


We provide very flexible and affordable pricing plans, with free plans, to plans costing less than a Pizza! 

No hidden or one time costs | Agency specific features | Free integration support | Manage multiple sites