Pixel perfect, Optimized Images, delivered for Website/ Web Apps/ Mobile Apps

Why Photu?

  • Highly Compressed Images
  • Auto Resize Based On Device
  • Smart Crop 
  • Global Image Delivery

What You Get?

  • Superfast Page Load Time
  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Higher Organic SEO Ranking
  • Lower Bandwidth Costs


Auto Image Resizing based on Device

Higher size for desktop, lower size for mobiles. Auto resizing based on screen size to serve the best sized image for the user

Image CDN

Mogi’s Multiple CDN partnerships with global players like Cloudfront, Akamai, Rackbank, Alibaba and others enable a very high points of positions globally, Enabling every image to load under 100 ms and ensuring that your image loads wherever it is requested in the least time possible

A.I Quality Enhancement

We have processed millions of images through a tensorflow model. This model automatically detects the image and enhances quality without increase in size. We deliver the best and enhanced quality images always, providing a better customer experience!

High Quality Images with Best Compression

Best in class image compression with no loss in quality. Pixel perfect and enhanced quality images delivered at a fraction of the image size !

Auto Format Selection based on Device

Best image format chosen for every user, and every user delivered the best and most optimal image format for superfast loading!

Improve Web Performance

No more image related warnings & optimized cache policies, get instantly better lighthouse & page speed scores after integrating Photu! 

Display Images under 100ms, through the highest PoP’s worldwide through mogi’s multiple CDN partnerships

Real Time Image Resizing & Transformation

Deliver Responsive Images, with Adaptive images through height, width, crop, aspect ratio, and DPR transformations. 

Protect images or share more info with them through watermark and text overlays

Generate attention-grabbing thumbnails using content-aware smart cropping and face detection

Quick Integration

Low Code/No Code Integration through many ways, choose what suits you the best

Direct By Domain name Replacement

  • For example, your image are at https://yourdomainname.com/img/logo.png
  • At Image Zone configure https://yourdomainname.com/img/ as pull zone
  • Over your website replace https://yourdomainname.com/img/ to   https://yourdomainname.mogiio.com/

And you are LIVE!

Use our WordPress, JavaScript and Vanilla plugins and start optimizing today!

Schedule a demo with us for specialised integration needs, and we will be happy to help!


We provide very flexible and affordable pricing plans, with free plans, to plans costing less than a Pizza! 

No hidden or one time costs | Agency specific features | Free integration support | Manage multiple sites