20 Video Streaming Content Ideas For More User Engagement

Every streamer wants to grow their audience, increase followers and strengthen their content marketing efforts. To do this, they must improve their video streaming ,storytelling skills. With great content and an even greater way of presenting it, any content creator can expect higher viewership and followers. Not just that, they can also attain visibility in a sea full of content creators.

Below, you find a list of hand-picked content ideas for video streaming. These 20 fail-proof content concepts will help you grow your network, gain new followers, and propel your career as a content creator in the right direction. Check out—

1. Spill the beans about what goes on behind-the-scenes

Let’s assume you have a workflow for your business; a system that works; a method that yields results. People will respect your work and will be more interested in it if you can show them how you work. This helps people to see what goes into creating the final product which adds credibility to your business.

If people can see how a chocolate bar is made, your daily exercise routine, and how you conduct meetings, it adds an extra layer of authenticity to the end result.

2. Infuse greater interactivity into the content with a Q&A session

Live video streaming is interactive, so you can answer questions and interact directly with your audience. A weekly Q&A session can be hosted to answer your followers’ questions.

People might have questions about your diet, allergies, exercise or beauty routine. Say, if you are running a weight-loss program, it would be amazing if they could ask you about your weight loss journey and you could help them in real-time.

3. Create how-to videos or offer tips

People love learning new things, so it is a great use of the video streaming platform to show your audience some quick tips or tricks.

If you have culinary skills or if you are a chef or a skilled cook, you might share some of your meal plans and recipes with your audience. This is a great way to establish your expertise and entertain your audience at the same time. We provide ott streaming services in india

4. It can be a travel diary

You don’t have to travel to another country to create good travel content. Your content could be about anything, from a walk to a coffee shop to visiting interesting places close by.

People are drawn to the lifestyle of people they admire. Sharing journeys and travel content can be a great way to share the most exciting parts of your life.

5. Create content out of the live events you visit

You can give an overview of the proceedings to attendees at a conference or meet-up or any other live event. Perhaps you could also do a live broadcast from the venue. For some added fun, you can grab someone for an informal interview.

You can use live events as content for so many purposes. It’s a great way of allowing your audience to view an event from your perspective.

6. Let your viewers see your creative side

Creative content is popular among young and old alike and it’s an absolute favourite among children. If you’re an artist, crafter, or creator, you can stream the creative process involved in the creation of a piece of art or craft for your viewers. 

Artists can show how they draw sketches. A pianist can take their viewers through their journey of creating a good tune. A Milner can show how she makes hats, and a fashion designer can show how she creates designs. Essentially, there is no end to how many good pieces of content you can create when you are creative.

7. Offer a walk through your business

Walk-through videos could be a great option for you if you have any tangible assets to show your audience.

You could, for instance, show your hospital’s new building or wing to patients. Real estate agents can take clients through a beautiful house that is for sale. Walking through a yoga studio’s space while yoga is being taught could be a great way to promote the business. All in all, walk-throughs are a hit.

8. Process videos are popular too

It’s amazing to see the final results, but how did it all happen? A process video shows how the end result of something has been achieved.

For instance, a process video could show how you set up your home studio to shoot professional quality video. You can also make a process video if you are a speaker. You might also consider making a process video if you are a marketing strategist to show how you build a sales funnel.

9. Get ranting

Live video is a great place to use rants as content as they can be highly opinionated, and even polarizing.

A rant is a way to release stress and to express your point of view on life, business, an industry or even people. This could be a short or long video where you share what bothers you and why it matters. People respond to rants as they are often emotionally charged and force the audience’s side to respond. Note that it’s easy to achieve engagement with rants.

10. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are great live video content because your audience can see the products for real, and they get to be part of your excitement.

Videos of unboxing are apt for retail purchases as well as when you have sponsors or brands who send you stuff. This allows you to show off the product and its functionality, which builds authenticity and trust.

11. Opinion videos can make for engaging content

Opinion videos are a great tool to capitalize on any current topic’s popularity and gain exposure. You can weigh in on a topic that is hot by creating a video about it.

12. Product reviews

You can review a trending product in your niche and entertain or inform your audience with valuable insights about the same. It’s important that the review is honest and informative. You can even make a series of review videos for continued engagement.

13. Host interviews

Find opportunities to interview other content creators in your industry. This will bring new content to your audience and increase traffic to your channel.

14. Organize a giveaway contest

Giveaways are great for engaging existing viewers as well as attracting new ones. You should offer something that your audience will truly appreciate.

15. Participate in a trending challenge

Every now and then, there is a new challenge that takes the internet by storm. Participate in such a trendy challenge to increase visibility for your channel.

16. Gamers can review newly launched or popular games

It’s not just about having an opinion, but also about playing the game. Let’s not forget that your viewers understand better when they see. Is the game good? Is it bad? Why? What are your thoughts? Your opinion matters and your audience will listen if you are knowledgeable in this field and of course, entertaining. We Provide low cost OTT Plaform

17. Organize a home-tour through video streaming

You’re creating a relationship with your audience. You can think of a stream where you take your audience on your house-tour as a way to bring them closer to your life and to make them feel they are a part of your family. It’s fun, and it gives you incredibly engaging content. However, don’t give out any information about your address, or let anyone find your actual location. Safety is key!

18. Hold a flash sale 

Have you got merchandise that you want to sell? You could promote it or sell it through flash sales. This may sound impractical but it works. Why not sell your high-quality products or merchandise that you’ve worked hard to create? And if you are an extremely popular face, people will fall over themselves to buy them.

19. Try out a cosplay for some added fun

It would be so much fun for you to dress up as your favorite movie character. You don’t even have to wait for Halloween to get dressed up. Your viewers will be surprised to see you in a completely new avatar. They can even get interactive and copy your look, or send pictures for you to showcase them in your next stream.

20. Co-stream with a non-streamer friend

Regardless of what your content for the current stream is, you can do it with a friend. Make sure your co-host has got something fun, interesting or valuable to present to your viewers. They should prove insightful for your audience. Co-hosting could be a great way to make any content more interesting.

Final thoughts

You are frustrated by the fact that your stream has stopped growing? You’ve spent hours streaming but you only have a handful of viewers. Well, it’s easy to tell how frustrating that could be. While the reason why you have failed to appeal to viewers could be anything, it is pretty clear that most people find your content boring. The content you stream is probably too dull and isn’t much different from what’s shown on thousands of other channels.

Streamers are becoming more popular than ever; so, you will need exceptionally good content to stand out. Remember, you are a content creator, a streamer and you can get as creative as you want to push the boundaries of streaming. Besides, there is no harm in experimenting with options and exploring newer concepts. So, why not!?

Yes, with advancing technology, anybody can do video streaming and become a streamer. But then the streamers who see growth are the ones that are constantly delivering fresh and interesting content.

However, it can be difficult to think of new ways to improve a stream. And that’s where the list of creative ideas dished out above comes into play. These unique stream ideas can breathe new life into your streams. The concepts might need some tweaking but they should work for you, regardless of which domain your channel primarily focuses on.

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