How to make money by live streaming?

The Internet revolution has led live video streaming to take off in a big way over the past few years. There are two things that everyone should know regarding live streaming in 2022. First is that live broadcasting isn’t just about playing video games and inviting others to watch (though that does happen a lot). The second, and more essential, the point is that for many people, live streaming is more than a pastime — it’s now has become a legitimate source of income. It’s even a full-time job for some.

Live stream statistics reveal that broadcast video has grown in popularity on all fronts during the previous few years. The Covid-19 pandemic confined people at home in 2020, leaving them craving for connection through shared real-time experiences. Conviva estimated that viewers spent 57 percent more time streaming in 2020 than in 2019, with double-digit increases across the board.

There is no better moment for your live stream to make money than now, regardless of the type of material you provide – arts, sports, gaming, or hobbies. All you need is a little know-how and maybe a little prodding to get started.

However, do not quit your job for the time being. Starting streaming is indeed really simple. It’s also true that some individuals make money by streaming, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t learn how to do it as well. The top 5,000 Twitch channels, for example, receive 75% of all viewing time. Twitch currently has over two million channels. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort — and a lot of it — you can make money streaming as well.


 Importance of monetizing your Live streams?


It’s more crucial than ever to leverage money from as many diverse sources as possible if you’re self-employed, have a job or manage your own business in today’s internet age. You may diversify your income source via live streaming, and you can do it all while working from home. All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection, and a competent camera and microphone set up to reach a global audience for very little money.

Although the money may not come in right away, it may take some time to create an audience but there’s no reason why live-streaming can’t become your primary source of revenue if you choose the correct channels, promote your broadcasts effectively, and establish a community around your brand. It is possible to live comfortably if you invest time and effort into establishing your community and selling your live streams.


Here 6 great ways to generate income from LIVE Video STREAMING




Wait for your first donation or tip if you would like to understand if your live streaming hobby/side gig/career is on the right track. When you learn that someone is appreciating what you do enough to send you a little dollars, you’ll be overjoyed. You can generate money by allowing viewers to send you donations or tips on most live-streaming platforms and websites. They frequently include integrated services or even their own virtual “goods” or “currency” that users may utilize to complete transactions.


-Viewer can “cheer” with Bits on Twitch, for every Bits you get $0.01


-Stars are at the center of Facebook’s tipping program, a type of virtual good viewers can buy and send to you, giving you $0.01 per Star


  • Super Chat is YouTube’s major tipping service.


Every time you donate with these tips they can pin messages in your channel’s chat window, making them more noticeable.

It’s a lovely way to express your gratitude and interact with your most devoted viewers. Also, don’t forget to thank those that subscribed, and even mention them on their subscription anniversaries.


  • Pay per view/subscription


The pay-per-view model requires fans to pay a fee to gain access to “SECRET” live content from an item creator. This type of content is frequently more distinctive and special than open content (it has to be worth paying for).

 A subscription, on the other hand, grants access to all of the creator’s exclusive work for a set length of time like prime and Netflix. Subscriptions are essentially monthly donations that are pre-paid. Every big streaming service like YouTube  twitch, Facebook provide a membership/subscription program

You should consider generating special awards and content for folks who support you for the majority of these services. However, choose carefully which information you want people to pay for and which remains free. You can’t keep all of your finest content behind a paywall; some of it needs to be available for free in order to attract new viewers.


  •   Advertisement Revenue


Big services like Google,  Facebook, and most of the internet are already powered by advertising. Why not you as well? You can start earning some decent ad money if you join the correct streaming platform or social network.

Desktop streamers can use YouTube to integrate mid-roll advertising into their live streams. During the live event, the creator can click “Play Ad” at any time. This could also be an excellent time for the creator to take a break.

Ad monetization is typically described in terms of CPM (Cost Per Mille, a.k.a. cost per 1,000 views), which is a metric that measures how much it will cost an advertiser to show their ad to 1,000 people (this number is different for each topic pool)


  • Brand deals and sponsorships


Brand collaborations and sponsorships are in some way better and less controversial than traditional commercials, are another method to make money while streaming by collaborating with corporations in a mutually beneficial agreement. Brands will approach you with offers if you have a huge following on streaming platforms. You can contact them if they don’t respond.

Profit from brand deals and sponsorships varies a lot depending on the brand, your channel’s specialty, the size of your audience, and other things. You may be able to get a substantial sum of money from the business, or you may be able to get free merchandise.

The attention of a brand will be drawn to your audience. You should be able to attract a sizable audience and have a good knowledge of who they are, their interests, and the types of problems they are looking for solutions to. Avoid making deals that make you appear to be a sellout. Your audience may not like this, and if you lose your audience, you will lose your sponsors.


  • Affiliate programs


If you’re looking for ways to make money through live video streaming, affiliate networks are a great place to start. Here’s how affiliate programs work: you get a specific product link (or promo code) from a sponsor, and you get a percentage of the sale every time someone clicks on the link and buys the product. It’s essentially the same as working on commission.

For live content makers, this can be a lucrative tool. Let’s imagine a beauty blogger is live-streaming a curling iron demo. Her viewers get to watch how the product functions in real-time, which increases their trust in it.

In most cases, the affiliate link or code is placed in the stream description. During the stream, you might even mention the promo code once or twice. Once you join the affiliate program, you will receive the link or code.


  • Merchandise


For many people who broadcast live video material, merch is a significant source of income. Streaming platforms have noticed this and provide consumers with a wealth of information, as well as some quite valuable tools for increasing merch sales. For example, a youtube channel called Sidemen who are the 2nd highest-earning celebrity based on merch sale. Sidemen clothing released its annual accounts today and the company made £1.2 million net profit in 2021li

Creating and selling your merchandise is a viable revenue model for all creators and live streamers learning how to make money streaming. Using a live stream to promote your merchandise could be an excellent way to boost sales. During your live stream, you may be sporting your merchandise and casually mentioning where and how to get it.



Many people have been affected by the recent global epidemic, particularly entertainers, instructors, coaches. Many people in these types of enterprises now have a new method to generate cash thanks to live video streaming. The best thing about live streaming online is that it’s extremely simple to accomplish, and if you provide value, you can quickly grow an audience.

It’s also becoming easier to monetize your live video streaming, thanks to a variety of new methods and services like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook. Creating an exclusive online community and providing live streaming right within the community platform is one of the finest methods to ensure that you maximize your potential.

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