“Mogi io is a Media-Tech Venture enabling Content Creators to launch their own OTT instantly”

Since its inception in 2018, Mogi/IO has been delivering cost-effective delivery solutions that enables online video providers to profit from their content on a superior OTT App Platform that provides video and image experience to billions. With their advanced technology, they deliver buffer-free videos of enhanced quality while compressing their size by 50%, which means that the end user will not only experience par excellence, but even for the video platform, their streaming costs will be reduced by 50%.

Founding Team

Coming from a family of doctors, lawyers, and professionals, Mogi I/O’s CEO, Vikrant Khanna, is always attracted to the idea of creating something new and technologically innovative. After working for big corporations like Dabur, HomeShop18, and Airtel, he started Mogi I/O as a next-generation media tech venture whose main motive is to make video viewing more pleasurable for billions of users across the globe by delivering buffer-free videos of enhanced quality.

Rahul Lahoria, the CTO & Co-Founder of Mogi I/O, is an entrepreneur who has filed 6 patents and is passionate about building, training, and leading tech teams. Started Mogi with the idea of providing a richer viewing experience by enhancing video quality through advanced video analytics.

How can Mogi/IO help you

Mogi enables content creators to use their platform to stream buffer-free videos of high quality at 50% of their original size, which will further help in giving buffer-free video on their OTT app resulting in superior viewer engagement while reducing streaming costs to half for the video platform.

With their vast vision, Mogi’s solution lies in 3 buckets:

 Video Tech

 Image Tech

 and White Label Solutions.

Through their multi-CDN design, Videu, the Mogi Streaming Engine provides buffer-free videos and, through their game-changing IP, the Mogi Streaming Engine, for which they have a patent application, Mogi is capable of achieving video compression that is 50% better than other existing transcoding solutions.

With the help of their advanced image technology, Photu, one can reduce the size of photos on any website or app by up to 80%, improving the websites or app’s performance, which in turn improves their SEO ranking.

And with their White Label OTT Solutions (MOTT), any content creator who wants to create their own OTT app can have one using Mogi’s plug-and-play solutions.


For any content creator, it is very important to understand what their viewers want and, on that basis, create a content strategy. Through Mogi I/O, a creator can get the aggregate content level, individual content level, and user-level analytics with deep insights on what users see.

The creator also has the choice to sell their content in 3 ways: renting it out as a pay-per-view model, selling one-off access to the content; or by sharing a subscription. The creator has the choice to sell their content however they want. They can choose what to monetize, how to monetize, and how much to monetize with no restrictions. Their content, their revenue. As a start-up, Mogi I/O’s main agenda is to make video streaming and video delivery infrastructure easily accessible for companies and creators and to ensure the delivery of a buffer-free streaming experience for the end consumers of our clients anywhere, anytime.

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