The Comprehensive Guide to Online Video Platform in 2024

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Online video consumption is experiencing unprecedented growth, becoming increasingly popular across various sectors. The professional use cases for online video are vast, creating a market poised to expand by billions of dollars in the coming years. Projections indicate that the global video streaming market will grow from USD $6144 million in 2020 to USD $15092 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 19.7%. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution

Online video platforms have become central to video streaming content consumption, offering a versatile tool for creators to reach their audiences through in-person events, live streams, virtual gatherings, and more.

Importance of Online Video Platforms in Today’s Digital World

Online video platforms play a crucial role in enabling content creators to stream their content to large audiences while allowing users to download, view, store, and watch streamed content over the internet. These platforms serve various purposes beyond entertainment, including online learning, communication, advertising, corporate events, training programs, and sports streams. The increasing penetration of smartphones and smart devices, coupled with the digitization trend, is driving the demand for online video platforms at an exponential rate.

Video has become a cornerstone of content marketing, engaging customers more effectively than other content forms. Consequently, online video platforms are instrumental in the growth of the media and entertainment market.

Understanding Online Video Platforms

An online video platform allows users to upload both live and recorded video content, manage it, and deliver it to their audience without needing to build their own infrastructure. These platforms feature built-in video players that support adaptive streaming on virtually any device. They offer features such as faster encoding and transcoding, multi-DRM security, brand customization, monetization options, analytics, and reporting. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution

How an Online Video Platform Works

Online video platforms follow a five-step process to host and stream video content:

  1. Upload: Registered users can upload video content via various methods like desktop, FTP, DropBox, or direct URL, supporting all common video formats.
  2. Transcoding: Videos are encrypted with DRM encryption protocols and transcoded at multiple bitrates for optimal streaming across different internet speeds.
  3. Storage: Videos are securely stored on Amazon’s AWS servers using proprietary server-side video encryption technology, ensuring protection from third-party tampering.
  4. DRM Protection: DRM technology securely manages streaming subscriptions, rentals, leases, and purchases, setting up license, playback, and rental durations.
  5. Decryption and Playback: Encrypted streams are decrypted with dynamic keys that change with each play, making the streams hack-proof. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution

Types of Online Video Platforms

Public Video Streaming Platforms: Websites or apps that allow public video uploading, sharing, and viewing. Examples include YouTube and TikTok.

Internal Video Streaming Platforms: Corporate video platforms designed for use within specific organizations, sharing content like training videos, internal communications, and marketing videos.

Live Streaming Platforms: Platforms for broadcasting live content, used by gamers, entertainers, sports teams, and businesses for various live events and interactions.

Video-on-Demand Platforms: Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offering a vast library of content available anytime, including movies, TV shows, and educational videos. SVOD, AVOD or TVOD: Choose the best for your video business

Video-based Training Platforms: Used by companies and individuals for training and skill development, offering instructional videos on various topics.

Enterprise Video Platforms: Tools for sharing company-wide announcements, training, and internal communications, integrating with other enterprise systems. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution

Features of an Online Video Platform

Customization: Modify the design, layout, and functionality to meet user needs. Platforms like Mogi support extensive customization for websites, mobile apps, and TV apps.

Video Upload and Storage: Platforms offer easy content management, supporting multiple upload options and formats. Mogi centralizes content management with simple upload processes and multiple import options.

Video Playback and Streaming: High-quality streaming, including 4K resolution, ensures a superior viewing experience.

Analytics and Monitoring: Gain insights into video performance and usage trends to inform content creation and marketing strategies. Mogi provides detailed analytics and reports to track content performance.

Monetization Models: Platforms support various monetization methods, enabling creators to generate revenue from their content. Mogi offers multiple payment gateways and monetization options from day one.

Built-in CDN: A built-in CDN ensures fast and reliable content delivery, improving user experience. Mogi’s built-in CDN, backed by AWS CloudFront, delivers content globally with low latency. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution

Faster Encoding and Transcoding: Efficient processing of media files improves user experience. Mogi’s in-built encoding and transcoding offer seamless streaming across different devices and internet speeds.

Multi-DRM: Protects content against unauthorized usage and downloads, ensuring secure streaming services. Mogi’s multi-DRM supports various content protection measures and licensing options. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution

Popular Online Video Platforms

YouTube: A global leader in video streaming with a wide range of content, advanced encoding, and numerous interactive features.

Netflix: Known for exclusive and licensed content, advanced encoding, personalized recommendations, and offline viewing options.

Hulu: Offers exclusive and licensed content, personalized recommendations, and live TV streaming in the United States.

Amazon Prime Video: Provides a vast library of TV shows, movies, and original content, accessible across various devices and platforms. We are an Online video platform provider & Whitelabel Video Streaming solution


Online video platforms are essential in today’s digital landscape, providing a versatile way for individuals and businesses to create and share video content. When selecting an online video platform, consider factors such as cost, privacy, security, and content control.

For those looking to create their own online video platform, Mogi offers a comprehensive solution for launching a multi-device OTT streaming service with various monetization models.  

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