Coupon Marketing for OTT Business: Boost your Streaming Business

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Coupon marketing offers a fantastic opportunity to provide discounts to your valued customers, encouraging them to upgrade their plans or purchase more content. We are white label ott platform provider & White Label OTT Platforms solution

However, coupon marketing extends beyond serving existing customers. Coupons are a powerful tool for attracting new users to your OTT service, with the potential to convert them into regular subscribers.

While it’s clear that coupons can enhance the appeal of your streaming service compared to competitors, they can also help grow your email marketing list, build a social media following, and boost engagement with mobile app push notifications.

If you’re curious about how to effectively implement coupon marketing, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to skyrocketing your OTT business’s sales and user base. We are white label ott platform provider & White Label OTT Platforms solution

What is OTT Coupon Marketing?

OTT coupon marketing involves using coupon codes and discounts to attract and retain users. There are two primary types of coupons:

1. Generic Coupons

These are available to everyone online, often shared on social media to attract new users. Examples include:

  • Holiday Coupons: Promote content around holidays to attract new users and boost viewership, like TVOD coupons during Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Signup Coupons: Encourage hesitant potential subscribers with signup offers to try your service.
  • Referral Coupons: Reward users for referring friends or family, turning them into advocates for your service.
  • Upsell Coupons: Persuade users to switch from a monthly to an annual plan with discounts. We are white label ott platform provider & White Label OTT Platforms solution

2. Personalized Coupons

Creating personalized coupons starts with understanding your customers by monitoring user behavior or collecting data through profiles, preferences, or surveys. Personalized coupons make users feel valued:

  • Cart Abandonment Coupons: Offer discounts on items left in abandoned carts to recover lost sales.
  • Sorry Coupons: Provide exclusive discounts to soothe customers after issues like payment gateway problems.
  • Re-engagement Coupons: Revive interest among users who have become less active on your platform.

Benefits of a Coupon Campaign for Your Streaming Service

Coupons offer numerous advantages beyond providing discounts:

  1. Building Brand Recognition: Discounts help reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness.
  2. Upselling Opportunities: Coupons can lead to higher revenue by encouraging users to upgrade their plans or purchase additional content.
  3. Easy ROI Tracking: Coupon redemption provides clear metrics for campaign success, helping you understand user behavior and plan improvements.

Case Study: How Netflix Used Coupons to Win Customers

Netflix, now a streaming giant, initially grew its user base by distributing free DVD rental coupons inside DVD player boxes and through retailers. This strategy transitioned users smoothly to their on-demand streaming service, illustrating the power of well-planned coupon campaigns. We are white label ott platform provider & White Label OTT Platforms solution & live Streaming platform provider

Strategies to Maximize Profits with Coupons

  1. Create Expiration Dates: Urgency encourages immediate action, preventing users from missing out.
  2. Enhance Discoverability: Promote generic codes on social media and through email to increase brand awareness and user base quickly.
  3. Incentivize Spending: Use timely coupons to encourage users to rent more or upgrade their subscriptions.

How to Create Coupons with Mogi

  1. Go to the Monetization section and select “Manage Monetization > Coupons > Add Coupon.”
  2. Enter the Coupon Name and Coupon Code.
  3. Add a Description and Terms and Conditions.
  4. Select the Plan Type (SVOD or TVOD) and choose the applicable plans.
  5. Choose the coupon Type (Fixed or Percentage) and enter the Discount.
  6. Set Maximum Usage per User to track campaign reach.
  7. Add an Expiration Date or make the coupon available indefinitely.
  8. Limit the total number of users who can use the coupon.
  9. Click Submit to create your coupon. We are white label ott platform provider & White Label OTT Platforms solution

You can manage and adjust your coupons at any time.


Don’t wait! Implementing a coupon strategy can significantly engage customers and boost your video business. Track each campaign’s reach and effectiveness to continuously grow your user base and optimize your marketing efforts.

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