Best time to launch your own white label OTT platform

OTT stands for “over-the-top,” a handy little term that describes the new delivery method of film and TV material over the internet without the need for traditional broadcast, cable, or satellite pay-TV providers, we can now stream across multiple devices anytime we want. In layman’s terms, we’re talking about people who pay an internet provider, to watch an unlimited stream of movies, series, shorts, and everything else you can think of. You can launch your own white label OTT for your audience also

The term OTT alludes to the fact that much of today’s streaming takes place over the top of traditional cable. People are starting to develop their own white label OTT channels housed on the internet instead of using platforms like YouTube or Netflix because the process is so simple.

One of the many reasons why OTT entertainment is so popular is its accessibility.


Personal Computer – OTT material can be accessed using desktop apps or web browsers.

Smartphones Smartphones and tablets can download OTT apps to stream on the go.

Smart TVs– Apple TV, Firestick, and other devices are a few examples. OTT apps are also supported by game consoles, such as PlayStation.


OTT revenue is expected to reach 167 billion dollars globally by 2025, it is being hailed as the best option to satisfy customers. The majority of OTT consumers watch more than 2 hours of content when calculated per day, outpacing traditional & video-sharing sites. The top OTT consumption markets are the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia.

Reasons to Start Your White Label OTT Channel

By developing a distinct brand experience, content providers may reach their audiences and engage them with OTT services. With access to material, viewers will recognize and recognize your brand. Modern users have grown accustomed to watching films on a variety of devices from anywhere and at any time. We are Top Ott App Development Company in India


The primary motivation for OTT service providers to build their own OTT platform is the opportunity to monetize their video or audio streaming content through a variety of business models.

We’ve seen a lot of creators who have spent a lot of time and effort into their YouTube channels and other social video platforms, but the ROI (return on investment) is rarely there. YouTube and the others provide you a lot for free, but they monetize your content and viewership in exchange. Sure, they give something back, but it’s their money at the end of the day, and they keep changing the rules on you. Again, the initial investment in starting your own OTT platform will be substantially higher, but taking control of your own business will be much more beneficial in the long run. Starting your own white label OTT Channel is one of the finest methods to start taking control of your monetization and content business.

Your Future as a Creator (White Label OTT)

The majority of content makers begin sharing their work on YouTube and possibly other platforms. Alternatively, you may have begun by uploading your films to Instagram or TikTok. These platforms are the natural location to start distributing video content because they are free, simple, and attract a large number of viewers. As a result, many creators believe it is logical to begin there. Serious artists, on the other hand, soon recognize that these free social video sites can only carry their material so far. Furthermore, the rules and standards are always changing. Free platforms might eventually lose their utility and even prevent a creator from achieving true success as a content business.

It may be time to launch a white label OTT Channel for creators who are serious about developing their creative careers and material or monetizing their content directly or both. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between the two options. You may launch your OTT channel while still feeding and growing your YouTube audience. Use them to create a following while you start working on your own branded content destination, where you can offer premium OTT content and engage with your audience more directly under your brand.

Micro-Targeting And Data Transparency

Data encryption with content uniqueness is a crucial component of developing your white label OTT platform with the fundamentals in mind. Securely post videos to establish geo-localization restrictions and concentrate on persuading your audience to watch through a microtargeting plan. Even if you’re looking for funding to develop your material, having your own OTT Channel data gives you an advantage over other YouTubers. You’ll have a lot more information for investors at your fingertips, and you’ll have complete control over everything. Data is essential to successfully run a streaming business, whether for content development, marketing, sales, customer retention, monetization models, etc

Brand and User Experience

One of the most aggravating aspects of YouTube and TikTok is how simple it is to become lost in the flood of unending video suggestions created by those platforms to keep people on their platforms rather than on your channels. We can’t blame them for doing so since we have to remember that they are concerned about their own business and brand, not yours. If your content and brand are valuable to you, you must look after them and develop them in your unique way, for your target audience. You can’t just sit on YouTube and be unhappy because your viewers are being provided with a “rabbit hole” of other content suggestions.

Starting your own white label OTT Channel is a simple and economical move that gives you complete control of your business. Do you wish to host live virtual events and provide your audience with incredible opportunities to interact with creators and one another? Do you want to host a live virtual film festival or screening? Start your own OTT Channel to take control of your brand, no matter what it looks like. We are OTT Platform Development Company in India

Best Means Of Targeted Advertising With White Label OTT

Because of OTT’s innovation, these capabilities are now available to a wider range of channels and platforms that couldn’t previously target or track interaction. Advertisers on television had no method of knowing how many people had seen their ads or if they had taken any action after seeing them. Ads may now be thematically coded and integrated with OTT app builders, resulting in smarter conversions that match their relevance.



Select A Popular Streaming Business Genre

You can choose an appropriate genre for displaying on-demand videos, movies, major events, or power-packed material to suit the relevant needs of your audience as you start establishing your own OTT video platform.

As a result, you can choose your business model to make it work more smoothly.

Target Your Audience At All Tech Corners

It isn’t required for your target audience to use only one form of interaction with your vibrant streaming items. As a result, you must make them available in all conceivable locations on mobile devices. Top OTT platform providers can assist you in determining your strategic content delivery based on where your video subscription platform requires you to view them, such as a laptop, mobile device, or tablet.

Plan Resources As Per Unique Broadcast Services

The cost of developing an OTT video platform from the ground up will be determined by the type of content you want to present to your client. Like Netflix, arrange your resources to construct a tech stack offering that provides a compelling experience for your customers.

Analyze Your User Behaviour Insight

In general, your target audience would be diverse and dynamic in this case. The range of engaging content you provide to meet their viewing preferences is likely to instill a certain mindset in the population. You could utilize user insights and tailored analysis tools to investigate this.

Acquire High ROIs With Profitable Monetization Models

On-demand or live streaming services are the most common features of OTT video platforms. Furthermore, live streaming allows you to provide user-centric content in real-time, which can help you monetize both. Using advertising to attract a huge audience is one of the instant video monetization platforms that can help you earn money faster. As an OTT streaming service, you might be able to find successful revenue sources in larger areas as well


For a more interactive and relevant content experience, consumers choose OTT to static pay-TV. Mobile OTT video distribution for on-the-go customers is already increasing at a rapid pace. There are several big names in the field already: Amazon, Apple, Netflix, HBO. But who can deny room for innovation and exploration? By owning your platform, monetization models can be planned for the revenue strategy of your business. Launch your OTT platform quickly and affordably with the help of a dedicated team of streaming technology professionals. This is why this is the best time to launch your own OTT platform

Mogi’s Proprietary Video Tech & White Label OTT

Mogi’s Video Tech solutions are available end-to-end (Video Transcoding + Video Player + Mogi Streaming Engine (Multi-CDN delivery) + DRM + Video Analytics) or you can use individual products from the entire suite like just the Video Transcoding. Mogi also provides white-label end-to-end plug n play solutions for OTT and Edtech Platforms, with Web, Android and iOS apps as well as a dedicated CMS for OTT and LMS for EdTech.

One of the best individual products we have is our Transcoding Architecture, which is a unique cluster-based process, does the transcoding within 30% of the content length. The transcoding architecture’s result includes a highly compressed video of up to 50% with no loss in quality, and if you choose quality enhancement, a 40% compression with the enhanced video quality.

The pricing for Transcoding is very competitive as well, and along with it you get a highly compressed output with the same or higher quality. This means not only is your contractual pricing is low due to competitive pricing, but your bandwidth consumption also reduces, and user experiences increase multifold. It’s a win-win for all of us (Users, Clients, Mogi).

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