Want Buffer Free Video Streaming?

Stream buffer free videos of high quality, with 50% compression.

Videu, powered by Mogi provides

Buffer Free Videos

Providing clients a buffer free video delivery in high quality


Analytics to track each and every piece of video

Video Player

Lightweight video player, benchmarked to all open source

End-To-End Integration

Streaming + Storage + Content Management System

All this seems fancy, but let's talk tech. Videu provides


Best in class transcoding with up tp 4k format output with encryption.

Patented Multi-CDN Streaming

Patented Multi-CDN technology to deliver buffer free, optimized video delivery for every user.

DRM & Encryption

DRM Technology with HLS encryption for access to only authorised users

Hybrid/Multi Cloud

Highly reliable and scalable cloud based infrastructure for 99.99% SLA’s



Rest API’s based integration with detailed documentation regarding query and results

We have everything you need for your seamless and buffer free video delivery !
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