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Highlights of our OTT Services

Mogi provides all media management tools in one place. Upload, store, edit,
and schedule the data according to your requirements.

Multi-Platform Apps

Distribute your content  across all platforms by publishing apps across Mobile, Web, Desktop, TV, Smart Boxes and increase your reach and revenues!

Video Hosting/Streaming

Utilise Mogi's Patented Buffer Free streaming Technology and Compression Technology to give your user a world class streaming experience!

Backend CMS/CRM

Mogi's Backend enables you to upload and organise content as you want, engage your users & track user consumption to maximise your business

World Class Media Player

Stream your videos on more than 10+ different Video Player UI's. Choose the UI of your choice for the best experience you want for your users!

Cost Efficient

Leverage Mogi's affordable pricing plans to start. Monetize your video content with 7+ monetisation modules built in for Maximum ROI.

Real Time Analytics

Track User Level, Video Level and Aggregate Analytics and improve your monetisation and content strategy for wider reach!

Streaming Solutions for Your Business

With 200+ Clients globally, Mogi enables you to launch and monetise quickly!

Everything you need

All-in-one OTT/VOD Solution

Launch your own world-class Netflix like streaming platform with 700+ features & 7+ revenue models

Solution Modules

Streaming Modules

Multiple Video App Use Cases

Generate Revenue from your Content Now

Extract Unlimited Revenue With Built-In Monetization Models

Monetize your content through a combinations of revenue generations mechanisms across Web, Mobile & TV

Subscrition (SVOD)

Where audiences pay a  recurring subscription fee to accesses your content. Create Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly packages and more, and choose number of devices, Ad dislays and more!

Display Ads (AdMob)

Integrate AdMob and other display Ad exchanges to generate revenue from non-paying customers. Choose only Ad-based or a Hybrid monetisation strategy. Its your choice!

Pay-per View/Rent (TVOD)

Get per video price from your audiences, where they can pay a one-time fee to either purchase or rent a single video for a limited time. If they want to watch again, they need to pay again!

VAST Base In-Video Ads (AVOD)

Enable video content to be watched for free and generate revenue through in-video ads through Google Ad Manager. Generate revenue by presenting audiences with paid advertisements or purchasing options for an Ad-Free Experience

Custom Display Ads

Custom Banner Ads placed in high-traffic locations on web pages can help you get sponsors/promoters and generate offline revenue. These high-visibility locations include the front, bottom or the side of a webpages


Collect donations and tips from your loyal audience for your content, for both Live Streams and VOD Content.  Generate cash revenue apart from subscriptions and rent through this!

Stream & Monetize Your Content Globally, with Multi-Layered Protection

Mogi provides a secure and scalable streaming platform, through which you can scale to unlimited users, while ensuring your content is safe and leak-proof


Mogi’s Patented Buffer Free Streaming Technology, along with Google Cloud Partnership gives you the most reliable and efficient streaming infrastructure to scale your platform!

Fortify your video content from unauthorized access to prevent streaming breaches using Multi-DRM support, Screen Recording Prevention, Dynamic Watermarking and HLS AES128 Encryption for access control and secure video streaming.

With a Multi-CDN strategy, enable your platform to be scale agnostic from Day 1! Plan your expansion strategies without any worry on the infrastructure capabilities and latency.

Secure your Premium Content Now

Architecture Design

Our streaming architecture flow to empower the next billions of digital video viewers!

Serving 200+ Happy Customers Globally

Want to Build the Next Big OTT Platform?

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