Launch your own OTT instantly

Mogi white label OTT enables content owners to launch their OTT with their own branding and logo

Our Features

IOS,Android,WebApp & Smart TV

Android, iOS, Web and Smart TV apps and adjustments in order to make your content easily accessible through any device.

Backend Portal CMS

Backend CMS for content indexing, routing, description, meta-tagging, and categorization.

Monetize via SVoD, TVoD, AVoD

Choose what you want to monetize, how you want to monetize and how much you want to monetize with no restrictions. Your content, your revenue. No share for us*

End-to-End Video Delivery, Storage & Hosting

No Code Video streaming integration, with patented Multi-CDN and market-leading compressions for seamless viewership

IOS, Android, WebApp & Smart TV


Giri Xpress

Prysm Bhakti

Galaxy OTT

Video Player

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