Clone the current project. This will be our main project.

git clone


 This is Exoplayer fork, which have integration of Mogi Streaming Engine

git clone

Next, add the following to your project’s by Step 1 settings.gradle file, replacing path/to/exoplayer with the path to your local copy of step 2:

gradle.ext.exoplayerRoot = ‘path/to/exoplayer-with-mogi-streaming-engine by step 2’

Exoplayer integration (Android Native)

Mogi Image APIs

We will need an Image source URL. e.g.

Full image URL : 

Source URL :

Image Path :  images/cute-baby.jpg

Source URL :

Image Path : cute-baby.jpg

After image configuration is done, “appId” will be provided to use image resize.

HTML Code To Play Live Stream Video