Fastest CDN Network

Fast content delivery is just few clicks away, Sacrificing performance is not an option anymore with our patented multi-CDN

What We Offer

  • Multi-CDN

    Multi-CDN offers buffer-free video delivery

  • Failure Redundancy

    If there is any failure our multi-cdn feature helps you to quickly move to another cdn

  • Free Storage

    We offer 250GB of free storage

Our Clients

Multi-CDN Streaming

Patented Multi-CDN technology to deliver buffer free, optimized video delivery for every user. The Multi-CDN tech uses information on user latency, geolocation, CDN performance and cost to intelligently make decision to stream every chunk of the video file

Our Add-on

So you got to know what our CDN offers. Need anything extra also?

Video Player

Lightweight Video player, benchmarked to all the open source and top private players in the space. Supports both horizontal & vertical video.

DRM & Encryption

 High quality rights management for access to only authorised users.


Best in class transcoding, with up to 4k format output, giving 50% better compression, quality enhanced and encrypted files.

Video Analytics

Mogi’s advanced video analytics provides deep content insights

Interested in Mogi's Patented CDN?

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